Do you consider yourself a cool guy? Do you have a studded leather jacket that reads ‘VERY METAL‘ on the back patch? Do you own a cherry red Chevrolet? If the answer to one or more of the above questions is YES then you might consider getting yourself along to this event because that’s where the coolness factor is gonna to be through the roof.

I’m talking about the upcoming party at Alhambra Lounge being presented by Yes Please, Two Bright Lakes, Silo Arts, FBi Radio, Hand Games, WhoTheHell.net, Four Thousand, Astral People, Your Friends House and ourselves – Purple Sneakers. With so many cool parties involved, the event is aptly named – wait for it… COOL PARTY. You might want to consider selling your home and relocating to Brisbane for this one.

Boasting a huge lineup of emerging and underground Aussie solo acts, COOL PARTY is set to be one of the events party-goers will one day be telling their grandchildren about.

The lineup includes artists from all over Australia, coming together to celebrate the ‘not-so-official BIGSOUND showcase & afterparty’. The acts playing the night: headlining is Future Classic’s own sensual beat-dude Charles Murdoch, followed by the Melbourne-based audio-visual bass duo Friendships, and purveyor of twisted music-box pop Rainbow Chan. Also joining the fray will be Cassius Select, The Harpoons, Nakagin, Guerre, Tincture, HTML Flowers and Motion Picture Actress.

Oh, and did I mention it was FREE ENTRY? Not charging a single cent to see such a sheer amount of Aussie talent is a crime, but hey – we’re definitely not complaining!

COOL PARTY is set to kick off at The Alhambra Lounge in Brisbane on Friday 13th September. Expect an emphasis on low end sound and chill vibes. See you there!

Words by: Nick Luke


One part Moonbase Commander, one part Purple Sneakers DJ, one part Purple Sneakers Radio producer – all parts good guy.