LISTEN: Indian Summer ‘Foreign Formula’ Remix EP

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Our pals INDIAN SUMMER have been super busy lately putting on mad shows all around the country and showing off their Foreign Formula EP, the boys first release through their label Sweat It Out! 

Now of course when one electronic artist releases a great new track, or an EP filled with superb tracks like ‘Foreign Formula’, there are bound to be a few friends who will put their hands up to remix that track.

INDIAN SUMMER have done their fair share of remixing, most recently they remixed SINDEN and VATO GONZALEZ, but whilst the boys have been busy touring their awesome track ‘Foreign Formula’ was being circulated between a few more great electronic acts and now there’s a remix EP that features four amazing remixes of INDIAN SUMMER‘s best track.

The EP is a collection of tracks that features remixes by SINDEN, COSMO’S MIDNIGHT, JAM XPRESS and a YOLANDA BE COOL rechunk that together create a release that you could play at pretty much every party, and I urge you to do so.

The SINDEN remix is the first to make an appearance and it’s thumping beat sounds almost tribal with the choppy synths flying in and out. The four minute long remix takes a while to build up, but once it reaches it’s climax it goes nuts and it’s just what we love about SINDEN’s work, he keeps it simple and knows just when to just let it all bang out.

The second remix we have has been mixed by the boys of COSMO’S MIDNIGHT. The twins are becoming more and more popular as they release material that just keeps improving the more they experiment and play around with different sounds. Their remix of ‘Foreign Formula’ is a lot more chilled out than SINDEN‘s, their predecessor has more of a tribal house vibe, whereas COSMO’S MIDNIGHT take it into the smooth house category giving the single a tropical flavour, making it ready for those summer nights that are beginning to sneak up on us.

JAM XPRESS makes a bit of a festive entrance with some lovely synths that remind you of the jolly bells that ring around Christmas time. It’s an interesting opener before the track turns into a dance anthem that you can’t help but dance to. JAM XPRESS have added in a bit of a disco- influenced track into the mix and the vibes that ring off it couldn’t be more energetic. The beat is a bit faster, the vocals are a lot quicker and cut off quite a bit but the whole track sounds like one massive explosion of dance, you’ll have to be ready for this one.

And last but most certainly not least, fellow Sweat It Out! signing YOLANDA BE COOL have “rechuncked” ‘Grand Rapids’ instead of ‘Foreign Formula’, and it’s most definitely a YOLANDA BE COOL mix as you can hear their signature elements as soon as the track begins. The deep vocals and crazy synths with some great samples, YOLANDA BE COOL‘s rechunk is the best track to end the EP.

Words by Lauren Payne





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