INTERVIEW: Alison Wonderland (Take 2)


Playing various music festivals like Groovin’ The Moo and most recently Splendour In The Grass here in Australia, and even venturing over to the United States to appear at SXSW, ALISON WONDERLAND has become a name you won’t soon forget and with the release of her debut single ‘Get Ready’, we know this girl is destined for greatness.

The track itself is catchy and features the rapping stylings of FISHING and with the release comes a grand single tour that is still going as we speak. We caught up with ALISON WONDERLAND as she was floating from one place to the next to talk about touring and the new single (whilst also have a fair few laughs which made it feel like you were talking to one of your best friends).

So how has the headline tour been thus far?

Pretty crazy, it’s been pretty crazy. I’ve definitely worked up a sweat at every show so, that’s a good sign.

What’s been the highlight of the tour so far?

I’m gonna say Splendour because, well, it’s part of the tour and it was listed on the tour poster so yeah, Splendour [laughs].

Yeah I remember seeing you playing at the Beach house pub before Splendour as well…

That was our rehearsal!

It was pretty darn good for a rehearsal!

Thank you. That was a good night, that was a crazy night…

How have you been dealing with all the late nights and partying whilst on tour?

You know, I try when I’ve got a lot of dates in a row, I try not to push myself each night too much. I try not to get too wasted so that I can go to bed and catch my flight and feel okay. For me, if I’m doing say four nights in a row I probably won’t drink, I won’t party too hard.

And all this has come out of your single ‘Get Ready’, are you glad with how the track has been recieved by audiences?

Yeah, you know I didn’t really know how it would be recieved, but it’s been really positively recieved and that to me is really nice because I was very, very nervous and this made me feel better.

And how did you get Fishing on board to rap for the track as they’re not really a rap act?

I actually saw them at Groovin’ [The Moo] and they’re actually amazing  at rapping they’re so good! They actually have this rapping collective called The Naughty Rappers that they actually rap in, which is how I knew they rapped.

The clip is pretty awesome as well, I read that you came up with the initial concept yourself, did it turn out the way you pictured it?

Yeah well I had this crazy vision in my head, I pushed really hard for it and it definitely turned out how I wanted it.

Where did you track down those sassy kids that feature in the clip?

It’s a lame story so I’m gonna just say they were just young, insane clown, fans that we just came across so, let’s just leave it at that.

 So does this mean we can expect more new tracks and maybe even an album in the near future?

Yeah there’s an album that I’m working on at the moment, and there’s a plan to release another single soon, like in the next few months. So just, keeping the music coming and it is pretty exciting!

Which probably means more touring as well no doubt?

Yep, I’m pretty stoked.

What is your favourite part about touring?

The shows, just being on stage. I don’t know, there’s just this feeling I have when I play that makes me feel better doing that than living actual life, so that is definitely my favourite part of touring.

And what’s the plan after this tour wraps up?

Finishing the album and there’s a few other things happening that I can’t announce yet so I’m gonna be busy with that. My lips are sealed unfortunately.

Make sure you catch the girl on the final few dates of her tour, the dates are listed below incase you’re not too sure when ALISON WONDERLAND is hitting your town:


Saturday, August 24th
Plantation, Coffs Harbour

Wednesday, August 28th
Secret Show

Friday, August 30th
Speak Easy, Villa, Perth

Saturday, August 31st
Electric Circus, Adelaide

Saturday, September 7th
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Wednesday, September 11th
Charles Sturt Uni, Wagga Wagga

Saturday, September 14th
Snow Party, Thredbo

Thursday, September 19th
The Corner, Melbourne

Friday, September 20th
Discovery, Darwin

Saturday, September 21st
Elsewhere, Gold Coast

Saturday, October 5th
Woodport Inn, Gosford

Words by Lauren Payne





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