The Finger Prince & Jensen Interceptor Interview Each Other


Monthly party throwers turned electronic production record label MOTORIK are counting down the final days before their huge second birthday party going down this weekend at one of Sydney’s very special and yet-to-be-used secret warehouse space.

The event ‘Two Years Of XTC & NRG’ will feature a bunch of the Motorik crew’s finest, celebrating the special milestone together as one big partied up family.

The secret warehouse party will be taking place somewhere in Alexandria [Sydney] this Saturday, 20th July, and is an over 18’s, BYO event. Get your ticket HERE!

To help blow up the balloons and put the icing on the cake, we grabbed two very important Motorik members – The Finger Prince and Jensen Interceptor – to ask each other five questions of whatever they want. Read on!


So my little friend Hoodrat the other half of what is known as The Finger Prince, and Bang Gang Fame, introduces me to you for the first time, back when Light Year was a duet, and you looked like Charles Manson, anyway before we work on our first remix together, what were you thinking?, whose this prehistoric guy on a PC?, did you think you guys were the only fags making Techno in Sydney?

I definitely thought we were the only guys making music not intended for an Australian audience, but I did hear rumours of this Super Producer named Frank Xavier who was making Techno and had also won an Aria, so I suddenly felt an overwhelming sensation of hope, and that I wasn’t completely crazy to give up a solid weekly pay check to pursue a career in Techno. I have to say that the high i was feeling left pretty quickly when Gus took us to your house and saw how shitty it was, there was a bath tub in the backyard that had grass growing in it, but when I walked into your studio I could see where all your money was spent, and when i saw your giant Friday the 13th poster in your bedroom I knew I was in the right place.

We’ve worked together for almost 2 years now, shared some synths, probably shared some ladies, shared the ups and downs of being lost in Geelong and shared the stage countless amounts of times, where do you see us going from here?, what is it that needs to be done to get you out of Maroubra? can we be famous and eat Chinese everyday?

I think the only way is up from here. Its crazy how Motorik has grown as a party & record label. I do see a certain level of fame coming with that growth. Fame is definitely not my goal or something i want, I love making music and if I can do that and eat Chinese everyday I will be happy no matter where I am.

You are a pretty interesting and particular guy, coined “the cleanest man in techno” after sharing many a hotel with you, where does this thorough cleanliness and the other fine quirks that is Mikey Melafelstein originate from?

Hard to say where it comes from because as a young kid I was always outside climbing trees, playing in the mud and i hated brushing my teeth, but as I’ve gotten older that just changed naturally, I do have trouble sleeping at night and waking up, so showering does help with both of those problems, It’s no secret I do like to take pride in my appearance. My mother always told me to leave good smell everywhere you go, so I try to do just that.

Ha just remembered another name i call you’ “The Ginseng Interceptor” so its a known fact that you like to ride the Orient Express, what is that you love about the Asian girl?

I was inspired by my best mate Pup Fletch, he was the king in this department and I had to see what all the fuss was about!, but seriously I do not have a “type” as such, all my girlfriends have been different, some blond some brunette, some light skinned some dark, no red heads yet, maybe that’s next who knows.

I like that we share a passion for Cult Cinema and just crap movies, so here’s a scenario, you have spent the night with the Lucy Liu of your dreams followed by a video session in bed before mum comes home from the Greek Orthodox Church and you have 3 of your favourite flicks to choose from to keep her here, what will they be?

The Notebook, Now & Then and Magic Mike!

So being our first born from the family that is Motorik, (5 men and a baby), and you are best thing that come out of our bottoms by the way, how do you think family life is shaping up? Are we good parents?

I couldn’t ask for better parents!!. I am in a super fortunate position. You all come from such different backgrounds…The Santamaria’s “The band guys” (they’re also Mexican) ViVi “The promoters promoter” Gruzman “The worlds Greatest DJ & the Inventor of VIBE” and yourself “The 90’s version of The Presets AKA Mr been there done that”, so I feel that I get invaluable feedback & advise when it comes to my music. I also think a big part of Motroik success is owed to these different paths you have all walked and how they come together perfectly.

We have the 2nd birthday coming up this Saturday, we’re pretty excited, you are playing of course, you’ve been with us since the beginning, what do like about our parties and this movement we are trying to achieve in the back streets of Sydney? What is it that makes you proud to be a Motorikan?

I am extremely proud, I hate to sound corny but its all about the music for me. Being able to play whatever music I want and having a room full of people dancing to it is the best feeling in the world. There are very few parties that can provide this for a dj, actually there are only 2 others, Survivor Club Of Legends & Elsewhere and they’re not even in Sydney so I think that sums it up along with the fact that most people who play at motorik do so for FREE because it is so good!!

We’ll probably play a few historic Motorik Bangzors. Can you give me just 1 track you will most definitely play that will make all the ladies take off there Dolce & Gabbana Tees?

I have been playing Oliver Huntemann & Stephan Bodzin’s track Rubin in almost all of my sets at Motorik and it always seems to get a positive reaction from all the girls which is really surprising, so I don’t think I will be breaking away from that tradition.

From real estate to techno, you have always been a man of business, what are we going to do when techno destroys itself, and drugs become legal?

Write Disco, become a Fashion Designer and move to Bondi!

Okay buddy gotta go, i’m soooo hungry, need to eat, so whats’ mum cooking tonight? and whats on FOX tonight?

Mum is making my favourite greek dish “Kritharaki” & The original Halloween with Donald Pleasence is on so I wont be taking any calls…


So Frankie where do I start, you seem to know everyone in Sydney & Melbourne and I don’t think QLD is to far behind either so lets get to know a few simple things about you first. What town were you born in & where did you grow up? Did you play sports? What was your favourite extracurricular activity as a kid?

it’s a known fact that i am a social whore, and as was discussed the other morning possibly high is that there are only 4 cool black people in Sydney so apparently i’m easily identifiable, anyways, i was born and raised in a town called Wollongong, a steel working town, a very NON techno environment, home of Tumbleweed. Sportwise i played basketball everyday, cricket on saturdays, fishing on sundays and on weekdays i kept fit by running away from Aussie kids trying to bash me..ahhh the 80s

Is it true you worked at Sega World?

No, but it was on option, all the techno kids were working at Sega World at the time, we had the knowledge, we had the technology, actually one of the 4 cool black kids worked there. I didn’t pay for a ride once..

How did you get into writing music, was it that classic cliché of you and your mates getting together after school and jamming in your garage? What was your first piece of gear?

Well as a child i grew up with older sisters obsessed with 80s Synth Pop, thank christ, so i had a good start. i guess i saw a Synthesiser before i saw a Guitar, and they had more potential for creativity, i was obsessed by the way they looked and sounded. I was introduced to my first Synth by my sisters ex, Danny, he had every Synth under the sun, and i spent most of my teenage years jamming by myself tweaking knobs instead of pressing nipples, there was only one other guy in Wollongong with a Synth, and we ended up being in a band together for more than 10 years. My first piece of gear i got was a Roland TR606 drum machine, which DJ Goodwill is currently hiding from me.

How did you get into dance music? Did you get dragged to a rave party by some friends, drop E, take your shirt and danced til the sun came up or was it because you were a crazy “M-People” & “ZANE” fan?

Easy answer, No, i was 12, i got into Techno before i went to a club or any dance party, i was listening to Acid house records, hip hop, and hip house, and anything electronic at that time. I spent a lot of time at 2nd hand record stores, Central Station Records and Reachin’ Records. Do people even know what records are now?..oh i went to my first illegal Rave when i was 14, i was well behaved then, but i did dance ’til the sun came up.

We all know you have been around for a while and you are no doubt the Grandfather of the Motorik Family, tell me how do the Motorik parties compare to the parties of the 90’s? Do you prefer the parties back then or now & why?

Thanks buddy, as a Grandfather i can say it was always better in the old days, back then we had 1 dollar notes and it was okay to be a Virgin at 18. Well the music was fresh, a true journey of all different styles, no one knew what they were listening to, and no one knew where they were ’cause it was in an abandoned warehouse with holes in the walls and the floors. Drugs were pure, drinks were cheap. It was well and truly all about the music rather than Fashion. With Motorik we are trying to bring back what is truly lost, being able to do a party in a warehouse, beach or forest, getting out of restrictive clubs. Motorik is all about providing fun cutting edge music, it’s for the cool kids, its for the fashion wankers, its for the geeks, the dorks, jocks, green people, bondi people, whoever, whats wrong with that?, its a Crack house with a different style of Crack, I mean We have to deal with the Police, The Council and home owners who are trying to stop us from achieving our goals. The Droogs don’t know how much work and risk is involved in putting on these parties at a small cost.

You always claim to be black or Asian, No Racism today here and now, but what is your exact nationality? Just so there is no confusion, I would hate to rock up to one of your family BBQ’s with some Fried Chicken or Fortune Cookies and have everyone looking at me like who the hell is this guy..

A valid question i guess, well i was black ’til white kids started listening to hip hop and realised that maybe black kids are cool, so then i became a Pakistani. My parents are Malaysian by Nationality, i am of Indian & Chinese blood, but mate i am truly an Aussie, unless i’m in Cronulla, or maybe even Maroubra.

What’s the one piece of gear you could not live without? What’s your favourite piece gear at the moment and if you could have any piece of gear in the world what would that be?

I could not live without my Roland SH101 it does pretty much everything except the fact that it is not polyphonic, so fine for a war veteran with 1 finger. I use it on everything i do
My favourite bit of gear at the moment is my Korg Poly 61, you were probably expecting something epic, but nuh, after i midi modded it, i had fallen in love with it again, It sounds so much better than his Analogue brother The Poly six, which is much easier to tweak.
If i could have any piece of gear in the world it would be an EMS VCS 3 or a Roland System 700, I can’t decide, no one knows what i’m talking about right? this is not going to get me laid, next question.

What are some of your favourite tracks at the moment and who are some producers you are really feeling?

I got so much music at the moment so many good producers i can’t keep up, its a hard question, i hear that The Daft Punk is cool, i heard a bit of Paranoid London & O B ignitt out of The Record box just now, i’m liking Kink as well, and a bit of Jimpster, the list goes on, i’m really liking Csmnt61, i didn’t even know Mexico had electricity.

We have worked together many times, you have been in a boy band and worked with the ever flamboyant Gus Da Hoodrat to create The Finger Prince, do you have any plans for a solo project?

Ha funny you should ask, while Gus is conquering the world on a K cloud, i’ve been working on an EP, which should be out soon, i’m just waiting on the remixes to come back, i have also been working on some collabs with Jon Convex and Thomas Gandey, and The Ginseng Interceptor who you know quite well..

Im hearing a lot about this Motorik birthday party, like you guys dropping lots of $$$ on a crazy warehouse space blah blah blah, can you give anything away and what can I expect?

I don’t really know what to expect, i mean we try our darndest to get a party together every month that people are proud to call home, i’m not gonna lie, i have spent all my cash i saved for the Lipo, and child support payments will have to wait this month, but it’s our birthday you know, We are going to bring in a bigger sound system, extra lighting and lasers, we’ve got some hip tunes to play, we’ll deck the place out in the short amount of time we are allowed, it’s gonna look sweet, i mean everything keeps changing every minute, there are so many obstacles to get through and all this costs time, money and sleepless nights, its a lot of pressure. but it will come good in the end, it always does.

Ok I have to bail, but just quickly if you could only watch one last horror movie along with your very last meal, what would it be?

Man this is an impossible decision to make, can i just compile the best scenes of all my favourites, fuck it, can you just put Big Trouble in Little China on?

Words by Hannah Galvin.





An avid fan of Sydney’s jazz and found sound scene, as well as eating peanut butter from the jar.