REVIEW + STREAM: Namine ‘Celestial Love’ LP


If you haven’t already done so, treat your ears to one of my favourite releases this year. By the end of this review I hope to achieve my objective in getting you all somewhat acquainted with Darcy Baylis better known to many as Namine.

This spellbinding debut LP draws upon the submissive notion of refined honesty and pure emotion along with the blend of vocals that have been crafted together so coherently with each production piece.

Celestial Love perfectly captures the influence of Baylis’ RnB and Hip Hop background with the likes of artists such The-Dream, Noah Shebib and Mike WiLL. Having said that, it is the balance of atmospheric pop, experimental synth and classical house that drive these songs home. I love everything about this LP because it brings back so much nostalgia on genuine adolescent triumphant and turbulences.

It bottles up a time of confusion, confliction, and teenage anguish even from the opening track Introduction through to the 9th and 10th track The Apology and Nocturne III. Despite this, I feel as if there is a sense of justified resolution through such turmoil with the final song Wait echoing the tune of “As I wipe tears from your eyes”…”I will not wait long” however heartbreakingly so.

The LP itself can be seen as a written journal about celestial love and a cosmic, heavenly time of place in our wild youths. We’re taken back to The Promise of what we once had before us, to The Train ride home after distant memories, The Apology long sought after but now forgotten, and finally, the Wait that once was. My head is nodding forwards and back but my feet have a mind of their own and they are tapping to the unsaid story within celestial love.

The songs itself don’t showcase someone who has recently graduated high school which makes for the maturity and production of Baylis’ debut of high calibre. On such a promising note, the meaningful emotions and the addition of his wonderful skills is a founding reflection of the young talent Australia has been producing these past few years.

Words by Jo Cheng





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