Today we hung with BREACH who is the head poncho and founder of Naked Naked which releases tracks from Breach, Midland, Dusky and Dark Sky.

He recently released his ground-shaking Jack EP on Claude Von Stroke‘s infamous San Francisco based Dirtybird label which has received huge support from the likes of Claude himself, French Fries, Julio Bashmore, Midland, Eats Everything, Dusky, Dark Sky, T.Williams, Doc Daneeka, Artwork, Roska & Skream to name a few. Ultra Music Festival in Miami also labelled it as their track of the year.

He’s also guest mixed for FACT Magazine which you can check out HERE and Boiler Room HERE.

Ahead of his Australian shows this week with Route 94, playing Sydney’s World Bar and Melbourne’s Royal Melbourne Hotel, we thought we’d run an interview with the dude.

What’s happening? Collabs, new EP, album what’s coming up for you?

I just done some remixes and a stuff a tune with Andreya Triana (Flying Lotus) and (Bonobo) and remixed Jamie Jones new track and a new remix of Maya Jane Coles and then after that next Breach single is coming and I got the tour looking forward to Melbourne.

What’s it like working with Dirtybird?

Yeah it’s wicked, I stayed at Justin (Martin)’s house for a week and played some gigs. I know him really well and we made some records together they might come out at some point, Claude’s great he has my respect musically I love em’ all.

Where’s your favourite place to play? Excluding your hometown.

Japan is crazy they are amazing the crowds they go insane for music.

Looking forward to Australia?

Yeah I’ve played as Ben Westbeech a few years ago and I cant remember much of Australia.

You been making music a long time hey?

Yeah a fair amount of time, I been making music professional for a while and had my ups and downs but right now I am in a really good place with music at the moment so yeah really enjoying it.

I’m a huge fan of Jack, have you enjoyed it’s success?

Yeah, it’s just been resigned by Atlantic records which never happens so they bought the rights and re-licensed it off Dirtybird and they reckon it’s going to go huge because Radio 1 has got behind it, and speaking of them Radio 1 I got a mix coming out a week after Aus tour for them essentials mix!

I enjoyed your mix on Red Light Radio much better then old mate Skream smashed at SXSW haha! What’s your thoughts on drunken djing?

Yeah he’s got to be careful man he’s a good friend of mine he’s been on a reckless path for a little bit but I got so much love for that guy he’s so kind hearted and a great guy but yeah we are all surrounded by alcohol and fuck loads of drugs but he’s a great DJ, people cant hate him for fucking up or being smashed he’s just having fun it’s all a part of the party!

What got you into House music?

Yeah well it all started with the Osunlade remix of my first track so good today. Ever since then I just loved house and I got really into it did my research went right back and now I am here you know making it in the studio and only last year is when I got my own sound in the house world, at first I couldn’t play half the records I wanted to but now a lot of people are playing them it’s been a long learning curve for me.

What’s your favorite meal?

Toro it’s like a fatty tuna sushi, it’s so good.

Anything you want to do in Australia?

My uncle lives in Queenstown… in Townsland or something haha. Townsville! But he can’t fly coz he was a mad scuba diver and he got the bends, so yeah I know it isn’t far from Brisbane, but I don’t think I’m there for long.

After putting on a show at World Bar’s Cakes last Saturday night, Breach has been invited for round two this Wednesday, as part of The Wall. Check out the event HERE.

He’ll then be heading further down the East Coast for a show at the Royal Melbourne Hotel this Saturday, 8th June. More info on that show HERE.

Words by Jack Cain