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CHOOKIE music’s newest production talent KLP from Sydney, Australia has just released her debut EP and a remix release containing adaptations from collaborator and label boss DCUPJAMES CURD (DFA Records), TORNADO WALLACEMITZI, NYC’s SAARID and more.

We’ve been loving her new tunes here at the PURPLE SNEAKERS office so we thought we’d reach out for a quick interview with the young vocalist / producer and fire a few questions at her.

What did you draw musical inspiration from to produce your single ‘Hands’?

I didn’t think about anything in particular inspiring it per say, it just came out that way!

Is your own music consciously influenced by the artists you use in your mixtapes?

It must be subconsciously, but as above, when I write my my own music I try to just let whatever happen happen. I constantly end up writing tracks in all styles – as I guess that’s where my head was at in that certain moment.

Hands’ has been described as having a jaunty, 90’s feel… is this what you were going for? Did you mean for it to sound like a song from another era?

No no, again it just came out that way. However in saying that, I love the 90’s so I take that as a compliment 🙂

Your first ever show was at Sydney’s GoodGod Small Club for a Heaps Decent Fundraiser event – What’s your involvement with this initiative and why?

I’m a facilitator which means with the help of others such as Adam Bozzetto (Wordlife), Rowan Dix (Joyride) and Stu Turner (Setmo) we head to different areas in sydney to make music with underprivileged young people. I’ve been to Wagga Wagga, Wilcannia, the boys and girls Juvenile Justice Centres, Redfern Community Centre and more. Why? We do get paid for some of our work, but then a large part of it a voluntary, and it’s great meeting and helping out young people. When is helping people out not a good thing!?

You regularly perform DJ sets throughout Australia, what sort of tunes can audiences expect to hear when you play?

It depends where I play and what the vibe is on the night. Currently this week you’re likely to hear me playing some of the remixes from my remix ep. Dcup, The Revenge, Saarid and James Curd all delivered genius ones.

Other then music, what do you do in your spare time?

Drink lots of tea, cook, garden, watch Arrested Development, eat red frogs, chew gum, paint my nails, sleep in!

After producing with big names such as D-Cup, Pnau and Tonight Only (just to name a few) who do you aspire to collaborate with next? Who’s would be your dream artist to work with?

Well just to clarify, I’ve written with Dcup and a lot of other producers, however I have only ever sung for Pnau and Tonight Only (mostly like a child!). Working with Beck would be a bit of a dream come true – such a legend!

Words by Imogen Archer and Gabe Gleeson





After living in Adelaide for most of her life Imogen felt it was time to pack up and move to the big Melbourne smoke. She enjoys apples, dates (both kinds) and men starting with the letter J and ending with ames Blake.