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Legendary bands are the ones who surpass time by still popping up in our music libraries decades after their so-called “hey-day”. Growing up with my dad the bands that I considered legendary all came from the late seventies and early eighties eg. GENESIS JOURNEYFLEETWOOD MAC are definitely one of those acts.

But when you ask enough people, you start to see that many of the bands they would consider legendary, all thrived in the late seventies and early eighties. That must have been the time to be great.

A lot of these bands have made major comebacks in the last few years, THE ROLLING STONES released a new album, KISS recently played an Australian tour accompanied by MOTLEY CRUE but the big news is FLEETWOOD MAC have also made a comeback by announcing brand new tour dates! The band that has inspired many musicians since their debut so many years ago, are breaking back into the music world and I say thank god!

The band have just announced that they will be bringing their world tour to Australia in November / December, full date and venue info below.

Fleetwood Mac ‘Dreams’

Now I must admit, I didn’t actually hear the original track for ‘Dreams’ until after I heard the modern mix by DEEP DISH. The track was on a So Fresh CD, the regular gift I received at every birthday and Christmas in the early 2000s. Of course realizing that the vocals on the track were so uplifting, so dreamy and just plain beautiful that I instantly became a STEVIE NICKS fan. The vocals in ‘Dreams’ are what keeps you listening, the lovely imagination behind them just draws you in.

FLEETWOOD MAC’s original track has the musky, raw sound that you don’t hear in modern music much anymore, and ‘Dreams’ has a lovely way of expressing FLEETWOOD MAC’s general aesthetic. I love it, and it’s bar far my favourite track.

Fleetwood Mac ‘Rhiannon’

Seeing a woman with this fantastic voice play live is probably one of the best things a music lover could experience. Watching this live performance of ‘Rhiannon’ you see Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham at their peak, and it kind of gets you even more excited for the upcoming tour.

‘Rhiannon’ is probably the most well known FLEETWOOD MAC track, and for good reason. Nicks vocals tend to carry the track on a wonderful journey through the story of Rhiannon nad you just can’t help but love it. The melody so danceable and once that guitar solo breaks out, you go nuts! ‘Rhiannon’ is the must-have track, for anyone, ever.

Fleetwood Mac ‘Don’t’ Stop’

Now honestly how could we have a FLEETWOOD MAC article on Purple Sneakers and not mention ‘Don’t Stop’? It’s the karaoke track you love, the happy track for those nostalgic years, it’s a montage song and everyone needs a montage song. Buckingham lends his vocal chords to this track however it was the backing vocalist and keyboardist Christine McVie.

The uplifting track was one of their biggest hits with the poppy melody, the steady beat and the easy to follow lyrics. ‘Don’t Stop’ works for any occasion and if you listen carefully, kind of reminds you of a fair few bands you here going around these days. It’s catchy, is cheery, you know you love it.

Fleetwood Mac ‘Never Go Back Again’

Now one of the great things about ‘Never Go Back Again’ is its back story. This particular track is actually composition that Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham created in their previous project together BUCKINGHAM NICKS. The track was placed on the Rumors record after Nicks’ track ‘Silver Strings’ was decided to be too long.

The twangy guitars play a lovely melody you can’t help but love, and they remind you old those old times with your friends where you’re just acting like freaks for the hell of it. Sung by Lindsay Buckingham, the vocals are light an cheery, as Buckingham’s tracks usually are. If you remember ‘You Can Go Your Own Way’ and how danceable that track was, this one is fairly similar, except the tempo has slowed yet your still left feel as happy as ever.


Sunday, November 10 – Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney
Saturday, November 16 – Hope Estate, Hunter Valley
Tuesday, November 19 – Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide
Friday, November 22 – Perth Arena, Perth
Tuesday, November 26 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Saturday, November 30 – A Day On The Green, The Hill Winery, Geelong
Friday, December 6 – Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane

Words By Lauren Payne





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