WATCH: Loon Lake ‘On Fire’ (Official Video)


Melbourne outfit LOON LAKE have been known to amp up their fans with their super fun, rock and roll sound. If you’re unaware, expect an entire new album full of this crispy clean good-noise as the dudes have an album due out by the end of this year! As we wait for the main event, they’ve just released the record’s debut single, ‘On Fire’.

A distorted guitar smashes underneath a shredding, metallic riff whilst neighbouring a solid beat and assorted percussion. Couple this with Sam Nolan’s distinctive vocals and we have a real sturdy Loon Lake tune that cheekily allows us just a peep-hole of what to expect with their upcoming release!

With this though, the group thought they’d treat us just an inch more as they’ve just released the official film clip for the track.

We watch as a dorky dude gets thrown around by a tattied-up, double-denimed, heavy booted bad gal (that description probably makes me sound like a 50 year old grasping onto their youth).

When she’s being all audacious slipping into exhilarating crime and fast cars, her very own dweeby bitch has another thing in mind..

Without giving away the ending, watch how this almost modern day Shakespearian clip eludes to its tragedy. You’ll learn that 1. That young man is a terrible kisser, 2. Zippo lighters can be simultaneously good and bad and 3. Loon Lake‘s forthcoming album should be a goody.

Words by Hannah Galvin.



An avid fan of Sydney’s jazz and found sound scene, as well as eating peanut butter from the jar.