SET LIST: I Oh You Party @ GoodGod Small Club, Sydney


Every time Melbourne based record label I OH YOU throws a party in Sydney town, it’s always a real treat. Look back at when they grabbed half of The Drums to man the decks at GoodGod Small Club around their Laneway visit last year. Their DJ set was supported by live performances from Bleeding Knees Club and Sures.

Or the time we saw Orlando Higginbottom as Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs provide a very colourful and warm set with our very own Flume at Oxford Art Factory? Needless to say, it’s always super rad and fun to be amongst; and last Wednesday was no different!

Always offering a different sound to the party’s predecessor, GoodGod’s Danceteria was again taken over by the I Oh You crew who had the pleasure of introducing KING TUFF as the headliner, with Sydney dudes PALMS filling the support slot with their live set. As doors opened at 11 and being Anzac Day Eve, the crowd was in an extra rowdy mood.

Palms weren’t in any way reluctant to break the wall between themselves and their audience. The four piece belted out their tunes – some super new tracks, some older ones. Currently in the process of mastering their debut album, they had a bunch of fresh songs to smother us with. Their set featured all of their uploaded content and more, such as ‘In My Heart’, ‘Summer Is Done With Us’, ‘End Of Forever’, their most recent single ‘This Last Year’ (which, according to frontman Al Grigg, is actually about the past two years) and ‘Love’.

One of many things that is so great about GoodGod is that a DJ can step up into the booth and do their thing while the stage is being set up for the next live act simultaneously. So after Palms bid us farewell for the night, we said hello to a DJ set from another one of Grigg’s bands, Straight Arrows.

Although I couldn’t quite identify/remember some of the tracks from the playlist, the dudes had a really good vibe going on. If you’ve ever been to Velvet Cave at Club 77, you’d notice that the same type of garage-psych rock that was probably born and raised respectively around the 1960s was evident throughout this set. Here’s an example of what I mean:

Darting our eyes back over to the stage, there stood bassist Magic Jake decked out in Burger Records threads and badges, Tommy Tom Toms back centre at his kit and Kyle Thomas – also known as King Tuff – fashioning a shit load of badges and patches on his denim vest, as well as his sacred sun medallion fastened around his neck.

As soon as they kicked off, the Danceteria was booming. Streams of long hair were flying around the room, banging the air with aggressive movement, coupled with really fun dance moves as we all celebrated the fucking awesome music that this band makes. Just like Palms, they played tracks that reached different corners of their catalogue, as we heard songs off the debut scuzzy release Was Dead (2008), including ‘Sun Medallion’, a song about Thomas’ pendant that he found at an op shop he was at a few years back. Was Dead will very soon be reissued on a vinyl format via California’s Burger Records and can be pre-ordered HERE.

7″ release ‘Screaming Skull’ was also a popular track performed on the night.

And of course, many were played from his 2012 self-titled LP such as ‘Alone & Stoned’ and ‘Keep On Movin”, before the last track of the set ‘Bad Thing’.

If you’ve been to GoodGod, you’d notice that there isn’t a fancy curtain or door for the band to hide in, the stage is it. So when they were chanted to return from the side of the room for an encore, they were back within an efficient minute or so, smashing out the self-titled’s opening track, ‘Anthem’.

After the live bands, it was back to the decks, this time conducted by CHICKS WHO LOVE GUNS. Mixing up the night a little, I Oh You goers were attuned to throwback hip hop and the like, featuring a little bit of Snoop when he was still a Dogg.

The only unfortunate thing was that the room tended to clear out a little after the live bands, which seemed to make the night end earlier. But hey, it’s quality over quantity. The hype was inevitably worth it!

I Oh You’s next party will be held at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel, hosting yet another sweet lineup including FLIGHT FACILITIESELIZABETH ROSE and MOVEMENT on Tuesday, 21st May and Thursday, 23rd May. Unfortunately both of these shows have already sold out. (Check the Facebook event HERE.)

Words by Hannah Galvin.






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