WATCH: Toro Y Moi ‘So Many Details’ (Moog Sound Lab Live Session)

Toro Y Moi

Californian producer Chaz Bundick – better known under the moniker TORO Y MOI – has very recently performed his single ‘So Many Details’ with his live band as a part of the Moog Sound Lab for their third season. Completely stripping and reworking the track, ‘So Many Details’ has come out of this performance as a “soulful laid back version of the song”.

If you’re not already aware, the Moog Sound Lab invites different sounding bands and artists to flood their space with an analog sound as it heavily focuses on organic experimentation.

It’s a very unique opportunity for these musicians to strip their original tracks and creatively rework them by using and exploring analog sound-scapes, synths and effects. This is carried out in Moog’s very own performance space – the Moog Music Factory in Asheville, North Carolina.

With this in mind, you’ll notice how Anything In Return‘s original first single differs from this analog version of ‘So Many Details’.

With a bunch of production jargon in the description of the clip, you can work out that a lot of the original instruments have been replaced by another to fit Moog’s criteria. Such as the original’s synth bass line carried out throughout the entirety of the track being replaced for a bass guitar affected by a MF-101 (lowpass filter) to create the “talking wah” effect.

Once all of these new sounds come together to work in unison, we’re left with a completely different version of ‘So Many Details’.

Being a hugely unique experience for the musicians, they pull it off well. You can tell they know it too, just look at how chuffed they are by the end of the clip!

Words by Hannah Galvin.



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