INTERVIEW: Sky Ferreira @ The Fader Fort (Presented By Converse)


The FADER FORT (presented by Converse) is an event held at Texas’ SXSW that’s full of happy people, open bars and rad performances by well-respected musicians. In other words, it’s a bit like heaven.

When these musicians aren’t performing or just hanging out, they’ll most probably be found in an interview by the young Faders themselves. Being a part of this year’s lineup, SKY FERREIRA was one of those musicians who ended up answering questions about herself on the Fader couch.

The interview was conducted just a couple of Saturdays ago, on a day where Ferreira was due to perform twice at The Fader Fort.

Before she had graced the stage with her set made up of her own personal stories, Ferreira sat down for a chat; where she discussed the theme of her upcoming album, her life as an insomniac in New York, her reason for moving away from LA and her new special friendship with DIIV‘s Zachary Cole Smith.

With a peep of an insight of the sound on her upcoming release, keep an ear out for further news on Sky Ferreira’s new material.

Words by Hannah Galvin.



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