WATCH: Cloud Control Are Recording


In England, there is a little town called Kent. Inside this little town, there is a little recording studio. Currently using this space is a not so little band; tis the babe’n quartet we know and love as CLOUD CONTROL, as they are working on the release of their sophomore record!

What started out as a few friends forming a band in the Blue Mountains back in 2005, to living and playing shows in the UK as a professional outfit, it’s very clear that Cloud Control have come a very long way in their career both sonically and geographically.

The eight year old band have ran into many a victory throughout their career – signing to Ivy League and supporting and touring with many bands and artists, such as Vampire Weekend and Weezer, as well as making their way onto some sweet festival bills – Splendour In The Grass, Falls Music and Arts Festival and Field Day (to name a few).

They’ve also been nominated for ARIAS and the J Award, and have won both Jagemeister Australian Independent Music Awards and Sydney Music Arts and Culture (SMAC) awards. However, their greatest victory of all would have to be taking out the 6th annual Australian Music Prize which scored them a remarkable name as well as $30,000. Although, speaking contextually, it was probably just as important as coming in at first place for a university band competition that they’d entered at the start of their prosperous career.

In 2007 they released their 6-track self-titled EP and still play some of those songs in their live show today – particularly ‘Buffalo Country’. After releasing a handful of 7″ singles over the next three years, they finally gave us their debut record Bliss Release in 2010, and a very special Deluxe Edition in 2011.

So with all this in mind, they’re clearly a very respected, talented band, which doesn’t make me the slightest bit worried of what they are to deliver with their sophomore album!

Having only just announced the exciting news, Alister, Jeremy, Heidi and Ulrich have put together a short clip that allows us Access All Areas to their recording process; providing their buzz and warmth to the very snowy and cold town that is Kent.

Whether they’re making healthy, scrumptious meals, looking up YouTube clips purely for the advertisements or swinging from the ceiling of the mixing room, Cloud Control show us that they can make this process as fun and laid back as possible.

Most importantly though, this 58 second clip also allows us a foresight into the sound and theme of the new record. Through the reverberated vocals, heavy bass, crisp guitars, fast drumming and supportive keys, they’ve definitely sustained their reputable charisma; it’s just been bumped up to a higher level!

With the action in full swing, you can keep up to date with the band’s progress through their blog CLOUD CONTROL ARE RECORDING.

As you await the next update, watch the clip over and over again until your ridiculously impatient state of anticipation is cured. There’s a very good chance I’ve made a larger than necessary contribution to how many views the clip has gained thus far..

Words by Hannah Galvin.



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