LISTEN: Justin Timberlake ‘Suit & Tie (Feat. Jay-Z)’ (Ta-ku Remix)


Surely by now you know that JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has made a comeback, and boy has he still got it. Since the release of his latest single ‘Suit & Tie (feat. Jay Z)’, there has been an influx of musicians reworking the track to make it their own. One of these musicians is Perth beatsmith TA-KU – he definitely “freaked it a little”.

The remix maintains a crystal clear, sharp beat the entire way through; opposed to the gentle, fluffy arrangement going on in the original. Expect handclaps, bell strikes, chest-heaving bass, bongos and your unconditional white gurl love for JT to re-enlighten your soul.

The chorus is welcomed by an even bigger sound, as Ta-ku fuzzes the original brass section with the help of a synthesizer. This truly separates the verse from chorus.

Later down the track, you’ll bump into JAY-Z. You’ll notice the slight vocal adjustment as his voice echoes and fades out into the background.

Ta-ku wraps up the remix with an obscure little bubbly key sample on repeat, eventually warping into a different tonal colour.

Having just released the remix on his personal Soundcloud, you may have heard its live premiere before it was even uploaded. This is if you were a part of Ta-ku‘s very first East Coast tour of course; particularly at the Sydney show where Ta-ku packed out GoodGod’s Danceteria.

At the close of his set, Nina Las Vegas took the opportunity to play the new track for Ta-ku‘s audience before kicking off her own show. To put it simply, it went off. Check out the shakey footage below.

Words by Hannah Galvin.



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