STREAM: Diplo & Swick ‘Keep It Gully’ EP


You heard the preview. Now here the whole damn thing. Our own CANT SAY resident, SWICK‘s colab EP with the master of production DIPLO is finally here, and they are ‘Keepin’ It Gully’, whatever that means.

Melbourne based Swick has had his hat in Diplo‘s ring for a while now, as his last acclaimed release, Bubbles, out last October was via Jeffree’s – an offshoot of Mad Decent. But the new EP is his first work to be released through the big dog label itself. And although the newbie, Keep It Gully EP, only has two originals and a Dub, it’s still one of the biggest sounding efforts we’ve come across in the world of dance in a long while.

The first impression of the EP is lead single and Title track, ‘Keep It Gully’, and the first thought you have of it is that it sounds wet – in every sense of the word. Diplo has been stated as saying thatSwick‘s vibe is always a bit more broken liquid and thats how we keep that 4×4 uptempo fresh and bangin.” Once you head on over to track 2, ‘Dat A Freak’, you get yourself a couple more collaborators in Florida rapper TT, and another Melbournian/CANT SAY frequenter – Lewis Cancut. The track sports an egyptian vibe and features some serious twerk styles; throw in some classic lines like ‘gotta a big booty’ and ‘ain’t you gonna love a freak like me?’ and you have a ridiculous track that is perfect for any late night club set.

The whole release is tied together with that perfect production value and touch any Diplo track gets his hands on. The man is a genius and the EP’s brilliance gets a lot of it’s life from him. Overall, it’s a slick release and proves that even the awesome little guy can make it and create tracks the world will love.

Kudos Swick, Kudos.

Although Keep It Gully was previously only for Mad Decent premium members, the EP is now available on iTunes as well as being streamed on Diplo‘s soundcloud.

Words by Tom Hutchins



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