LISTEN: DIIV ‘Wait’ (Official Video)


Here is a track entitled WAIT by the band called DIIV (Pronounced Dive? Who knows, get at me about that one) that is so super hazy you’ll be second guessing your own subconscious

This 8mm-esque-sun soaked-kaleidoscopic joyride is practically perfect; and a rather good depiction of my summer wrapped up into a neat three and a quarter minute music video if i do say so. Amalgamating the layers of fuzzed out guitar, blissful synth tones, rays of sun shine and beautiful babes, DIIV have done something truly wonderful here and not only created one of the coolest film clips that I have seen to date but given indie boys and girls everywhere a hip porn fix for their early morning mazz sessions.

The hazy images is texturally analogous to the amalgamation of synth, guitar and vocal layers weaving amongst one another, ethereal, nostalgic, entrancing, these two are meant to be. And jeez! There are so many boobs and butts in this clip, make outs too! (Also a special surprise for you all at 2:19) I was left wanting to spend long days and nights not doing much at all except making music, hanging out with babes and sucking face.

Their hypnotic grooves, spacious melodies, soaring synths and indolent vocals make for a somewhat melancholy vibe, a lust – depicted for some visually – a longing, a yearning for happier sunshine soaked days seep within the mind of the listener, filling the soul to blissfully wonderful highs.

The tune and the clip are fucking amazing

Words by Joshua Daydream



Joshua’s being lies in the depths of his guitar, curious about the sounds of the galaxies, his tongue conjures consonants and vowels that are all too quickly carved into silver syllables and smokey silhouettes as his psychedelic fingertips resonate the sounds of golden afternoons. Music student / Sound freak / Effects pedal head / Poetic soul / Sonic mind / Online contributor and part-time writer.