LISTEN: Azealia Banks ‘Yung Rapunxel’


A whirlwind Australian tour came to an end yesterday for AZEALIA BANKS, but not before releasing her new single, and with more drama at the Adelaide leg of the Future Music Festival.

She dropped the new single ‘Yung Rapunxel,’ just hours after refusing to perform in Adelaide, owing to what she called were deliberate attempts to sabotage her set for a second time, by The Stone Roses.

‘Rapunxel’ is the lead single off the highly awaited debut LP Broke With Expensive Taste, and it’s a combination of acid fuelled beats and scratchy screaming hooks, owing to the production of Lil Internet.

It sounds to me as if AZEALIA is performing an exorcism partway through the song; my ears feel violated, but they kind of enjoy it also.

The beat fades out and AZEALIA proclaims, “I’m so tired, tired of all this drama, you go your way, I’ll go mine.” I can’t help but think that these lyrics totally contradict her’s Tweets in the past couple of days. The final verse draws similarities to 212, with the same beat flow and rhythm. AZEALIA mentioned in an interview for New Zealand’s GeorgeFM that Yung Rapunxel is the “dark twisted sister of 212.”

All drama aside, Rapunxel’s beat is definitely one for the head bangers.

Words by Jarrod Shelley