Laneway Festival Announces SXSW Showcase Party


Do you know any of those jerks who are about to jet over to the U S OF A for another year of wondrous fun of SXSW? (that’s South By Southwest for those of you playing at home). Well I do, and I’m jealous as hell because yet again, I, a humble Purple Sneakers Sub-Editor am too poor to attend.

All I can do is just close my eyes and hope that they’ll at least be heading to the always awesome now-annual Laneway SXSW Party. Not only will it be featuring super awesome live sets from some ridiculously taste-making new acts: Alpine, Blessed Feathers, CHVRCHES, Flume, Guards, Haerts, Merchandise, No Ceremony///, Palma Violets, Parquet Courts, Vance Joy and XXYYXX. 

They will also be announcing where, when and all the details that go with it, for their latest venture – a bloody Laneway Festival in North America!!!! Holy ballsweat Batman!! (That’s what Robin’s catchphrase was, right?)

Here’s what Danny Rogers and Jerome Borazio (Laneway co-promoters with Chugg Entertainment in Australasia) have to say about it.

“We’re incredibly excited. Bringing Laneway to America is something we knew we had to do and we couldn’t have chosen a more quintessentially American city to have it in. Everyone will be just as excited as we are when they hear about the incredible line-up and unique location.”

So yeah, that means that they are yet to choose the lucky as hell city that will hold the inaugural ‘USA Laneway’. And if the line-ups they have put on in the past for SXSW as well as Field Day in the UK, as well as your hometown ones are anything to go by – we’ll have yet another overseas Festival that we can’t afford to go to.

All will be revealed at the Laneway SXSW Showcase, March 15 @ Red 7: 12-6pm – and if you’re going can you please let me know what happens?

If for some reason you’ve forgotten what to expect from a Laneway in the US – this may refresh you memory…

Words by Tom Hutchins


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