It’s been three years since Will Wiesenfeld, aka BATHS released his stunning debut album Cerulean to the airwaves and ears of what are now a loyal fan base. Needless to say when rumours of a second effort started floating around panties got seriously twisted. It’s official though, with the announcement of his new LP Obsidian, due to be released May 28th on Anticon.

Just to crank the heat even more, ahead of the release the Californian dude has just announced a string of North American tour dates with Houses and D33J, as well as support gigs with The Postal Service. He’s not hitting Australia which is a drag, but as the support for his sweet sweet music grows over here, it’s sure to happen at some point.

Cerulean earned year-end ‘Best Of’ recognition from Pitchfork and The Onion’s A.V Club, which makes the prospects of another effort pretty damn exciting. Especially with the release of ‘Miasma Sky’, which Wiesenfeld explained broke up the mood on what will be a considerably darker album.

“Anything I found that felt like a unique vision of darker emotions or atmospheres, I tried to absorb.”
The dark ages, different versions of Hell as spied through Dante’s Inferno, the Bible and old world illuminated manuscripts were all areas of exploration for Obsidian.

He goes on however, adding that “I hope people understand that I’m not the depressed, suicidal, and death-obsessed person the record may paint me as being. These are just darker areas that I wanted to explore.”
It’s going to be interesting as hell, that’s for sure. No pun intended.

Tracklisting for Obsidian

1. Worsening
2. Miasma Sky
3. Ironworks
4. Ossuary
5. Incompatible
6. No Eyes
7. Phaedra
8. No Past Lives
9. Earth Death
10. Inter

Words by Allie Speers.



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