WATCH: The Weeknd ‘Twenty Eight’ (Official Video)


WARNING: This video contains boobs. Scenes of a swanky, high-class “establishment”, dimly lit, contrast with a stiff round-table interview between a grey-suited, grey-haired man and a bored Abel Tesfaye.

This is THE WEEKND‘s latest video for ‘Twenty Eight’, and it’s rated R for raunchy.

The scantily-clad women seem to perform more for the camera than an audience. After all, the intimate audience is THE WEEKND with a camera.

Elsewhere, an upturned bedroom is empty but for a transparent girl sitting in her underwear on the bed, sad-faced. It’s as if she disappeared when her lover’s gaze drifted. The song is another excellent cut of sultry R&B off the epic 3-disc Trilogy – a slow-burning tale of sex and regret.

The closing track of House of Balloons, when the bass drops for the 2nd chorus you know you’re listening to THE WEEKND. He’s got the moves.

Words by Rebecca McCann.



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