WATCH: Super Wild Horses ‘Alligator’


Melbourne duo SUPER WILD HORSES somewhat disappeared after the release of their debut album Fifteen back in 2010. Hopefully the three year waiting period was worth it as they’ve finally announced the follow up record Crosswords that is to be released this April!

As we wait in anticipation for what this sophomore will bring, Super Wild Horses have so kindly given us a peep with their dashing film clip to their new single, ‘Alligator’.

A track made up of drowning guitars leading fast paced, upbeat drums, as well as the sweet entwining vocals of Amy Franz and Hayley McKee, it is easily summed up as a c. 1960s pop influenced track bursting with style and taste. The clip itself adapts to this contextual style, as it has a grainy, old televised looking skin.

The contents of the clip include both Franz and McKee standing before a colour switching backdrop. At one point it is a cool blue until it changes into a menacing red colour. There is also a contrast with the girls’ faces. When they’re not fashioning mod-inspired makeup, their faces are caked with a thick layer of messy cream that is being smeared and controlled by many pairs of hands.

When you put these elements of the clip with the lyricism, it all binds together symbolically, as it implies an emotional pull. This is painted in the expression of the girls faces throughout the entirety of the clip. Taken from their forthcoming sophomore record, Crosswords will be available on April 5th via Dot Dash and Remote Control Records.

Words by Hannah Galvin



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