WATCH: Rhye ‘Open’ (Official Video)


The sound of RHYE‘s latest single ‘Open’ is as smooth as a baby’s bottom, with flute, violins and gleaming vocals.

The official video shows the nuanced delicacies of a relationship – a couple isolated at a house on a pebbly grey beach. A couple isolated from each other, in moments of uncertainty and silence. He turns away from her advances, and starts to prepare a bonfire, asserting his masculinity in another way.

She looks longingly at a family portrait of dinnertime through the window of a home that is not her own, before returning to her lover’s shoulder and the blazing bonfire he built.

The only thing that’s clear is this dance is defined by the unsaid, the fleeting moments of embrace, and a mutual longing to navigate the distance in between. Here are two lovers begging each other to ‘stay open’.

Words by Rebecca McCann



An aspiring hippie, I’m growing my hair long and washing it much less. I live off strong coffee, fresh city air, as much sunshine as my traumatised skin cells can take and excellent music.