WATCH: Indian Wells ‘Wimbledon 1980’


You may not have heard a huge amount about INDIAN WELLS, but if you’re a virgin to his soundscape delights, the new clip for ‘Wimbledon 1980’ is a fine way to pop your cherry.

There are short skirts and long hair and balls flying everywhere. Retro samples snipped then snapped together like they were originally created for our aural pleasure, not cut from a game of tennis. It’s so chill, yet keeps you enthralled.

Hitting the 5:45 mark is quite a feat, considering its main draw cards are fuzzed out backing synth, a lovely hazy melody and a tennis ball beat. It’s quite astounding how the simplicity of the song works so well.

WELLS succeeds in making the 80s look seriously cool, which is a task in itself. The sweet beat and background synth, not to mention that calming talk-back grooving behind the images creates a full circle effect. The video samples take the track to the next level of the visual realm.

This is something really interesting, something I doubt you’ve seen before, but you’ll undoubtedly dig the pants off. Peruse at your pleasure.

Words by Allie Speers



‘Bit of a young gun; still sledging through last year of high school in fact. When not being mediocre in schooling, excelling in general tomfoolery and g00D +iMezzz! … that’s how my generation speak right?