PREMIERE STREAM: Doldrums ‘Lesser Evil’ LP


Electronic Canadian outfit DOLDRUMS, fronted by Airick Woodhead, just released their latest LP Lesser Evil which we are streaming for free right now.

Equal parts dreamy wonderland and sci-fi atmospheric thriller, Lesser Evil is an album that indulges in moods, which are then contrasted and juxtaposed to keep listeners on their toes and engulfed by the sounds.  

With wide stretching influences Doldrums has a sound that collages these influences in fascinating and transformative ways that giving new life to sounds that, when isolated, a listen might think similar to Indian string music, or a 70s action movie music, but together work to creating a richness and texture complementing an overall energy. While working together sounds created include; melodic beats, spiralling synths, a sky-high falsetto vocal performance and with enough up-beat energy to contrast the moody tension.

With Lesser Evil, Doldrums has built a harmonious and well rounded release that brings a lot of ideas to the fore while remaining an incredibly enjoyable and dance-able collection of tracks.

Words by Luke Letourneau



Sydney kid contributing and interning at Purple Sneakers. I love singing along to music, but I rarely consider getting the words right or even close, I instead let my dancing interpret the music. Keenly interested in art, music and culture, great distractions from the nightmare of partaking in a creative arts uni degree.