PREMIERE: Super Magic Hats ‘Wind’ (Japanese Wallpaper, Flash Forest & Friendships Remixes)


Coming fresh from the Melbourne, Australia’s swampy beats scene; musical wizard and man of mystery SUPER MAGIC HATS presents us with a stunning package of remixes for his single ‘Wind’. Best of all we’ve got it first! Check out contributions from JAPANESE WALLPAPERFRIENDSHIPS and FLASH FOREST.

What we see here from these interpretations of SUPER MAGIC HATS music are three lush, vibrant but ultimately very different offerings. JAPANESE WALLPAPER (apparently this guy is only 15 years old?!) shows us something very stripped back and super minimal, while FRIENDSHIPSremix adds a touch more energy and a primal almost prehistoric dynamic.

FLASH FOREST‘s effort wears a significantly more forceful/driving outfit; complete with snappy snares, jungle chimes and deep kicks.

Check out the original version of the track below, it’s now available for free download. If you’d like to hear more from SUPER MAGIC HATS head over to his SOUNDCLOUD PAGE

Words by Gabe Gleeson



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