LISTEN: Two Door Cinema Club ‘Next Year’ (RAC Remix)


The luck of the Irish have definitely hit us again. After various remixes were released once their second LP Beacon hit the stores, TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB have been keeping the remixes to themselves whilst they travel and play shows across the globe.

Now if you missed the glory of listening to the entire crowd attempting to sing ‘Something Good Can Work’ along with the band (and failing which was hilarious!), then good news! TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB have finally released another remix for fans via Twitter, produced by the lovely RAC or Remix Artist Collective if you prefer the long version.

The remix in question is for TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB’S catchy track ‘Next Year’ a track that has a chorus that talks of missing someone ever so muchly. The original has a poppy feel but RAC have gathered one of their remix wizards and asked him to create a remix to the track and they’ve succeeded in creating a track with a bit of a darker, casual feel with emotion galore. This is the track that makes you feel better when you are crying because in all honesty, it gives you a huge hug!

Starting off with a steady drum beat that sound dark paired with the bass riff, you know you’re in for an emotional rollercoaster ride. The vocals come in and make the track sound so smooth and the lyrics seem to have a lot more of an effect on the listener now. But the chorus has a lovely synth added into lift the mood up a bit. It’s definitely the synths that make the mood lighter but the whole track just sounds more emotional with the lyrics and melody melting in sync.

RAC have created a very smooth remix to ‘Next Year’ that has less going on than the original, but both versions seem to express different moods. TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB made ‘Next Year’ a pop song with the lyrics hiding behind the many synths and instruments fighting for space and RAC have given the track space to breathe.

Words by Lauren Payne



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