LISTEN: Ryan Hemsworth Live @ La Machine Du Moulin Rouge


Canadian beatmaker/Wedidit member/Main Attrakionz producer RYAN HEMSWORTH has recently just finished up his European escapades. During his stay, Hemsworth stopped by Paris to play a huge live set at La Machine Du Moulin Rouge for the Red Bull Music Academy in January of this year.

Sharing the bill with UZCashmere Cat and Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, the mix was just a quarter of the talent that was showcased for this particular event.

Opening in a very floaty vibe, Hemsworth throws himself into the spotlight with a partially warped r’n’b vibe. Upon listening, you’ll soon understand that this mix is pretty much the epitome of “less is more”.

While mix-ups are super great when they’re really busy and full on, Hemsworth has dressed this mix in a very minimalist light. Instead of dousing it in loads of beats and bass, there’s more focus on the tunes that he’s included in the set.

For an hour and a half, expect lots of new and old tunes; from hip hop to dance, R’n’B to rap. You’ll come across songs you had forgotten about, such as R Kelly‘s ‘Ignition’, as well as newer tunes that have been completely reworked, like Grimes‘ ‘Genesis’.

A real long mix that is deserving of the attention from any music lover of the said genres, give it a listen.

Words by Hannah Galvin.



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