LISTEN: James Blake ‘Retrograde’ (Mokhov Trip Hop Remix)


MOKHOV adds a juicy trip hop flavour to London producer JAMES BLAKE‘s new single ‘Retrograde’ – and it works very, very well.

The great thing about JAMES BLAKE is how open his music is to manipulation. His haunting vocals scream out to be sampled and remixed. There is so much space in his compositions for beats to be layered upon and synth to be looped throughout.

As such, BLAKE naturally lends himself to trip hop treatment, as this MOKHOV remix proves. The bass-heavy drumbeat doesn’t tamper with the flow of ‘Retrograde’, it only serves to beef up the original.

This chunky remix is true enough to his version to please BLAKE fans, but the added bass is so very good, you’ll wonder that it wasn’t there all along.

Words by Rebecca McCann



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