LISTEN: Foals ‘My Number’ (Hot Chip Remix)


Summer is coming to a close and so everybody will now being looking back at the summer of 2013 and remembering all of those moments that they experienced during the festivals season.

Some may remember the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS at Big Day Out 2013, or maybe others will remember that guy who shot a flare gun at Soundwave (yeah it wasn’t long ago but it will be remembered), or maybe they will remember getting given a set list that their favourite band performed.

Now I say this last one because at the Gold Coast Big Day Out this year, FOALS had just finished playing a stellar set to a very full tent, and as everyone left and I pushed my way towards the front for ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, I experienced the ear piercing screams of a girl who just was given FOALS’ set list.

I can see why the girl was excited; FOALS are one of the best indie bands going at the moment with the success of their new album Holy Fire. The LP has received plenty of air play across radio stations around the globe, and to be honest – it’s some of their best work yet. Their new single ‘My Number’ has been extremely popular between fans and other musicians, with TOTALLY ENORMOUS EXTINCT DINOSAURS remixing the track giving it his own chilled out flare, but now UK electronic poppers HOT CHIP have also remixed the track, and it should be hella fun.

The track opens with lead singer Yannis’s high vocals wailing, “you don’t have my number,” quite sadly, which was obviously in the original but paired with some samples of water droplets and a light synth sounds a little more sad that first intended. Another synth soon twinkles over the vocals and the harmonies that FOALS originally recorded echo over all of HOT CHIP’s interesting use of synths and samples.

Soon we are well into the track with a poppy beat and some steady synths that we could expect from a regular HOT CHIP track except with the vocals of Yannis. The British boys have done a fine job transforming ‘My Number’ into a more pop and dance track that their fellow Brits probably wouldn’t have done firstly. The track slowly fades out and your left with the happiness you probably would have you you were listening to HOT CHIP’s ‘How Do You Do?’ and other tracks of the like. Snaps for HOT CHIP and snaps for FOALS!

Words by Lauren Payne



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