WATCH: Flying Lotus x Moog ‘New Machine For Living’ Video Clip


What do you get when you cross an animation legend with a music producer whose experimental and forward thinking sonic landscapes are praised world wide? This amazingly psychedelic video promoting the new Moog Sub Phatty Analog Synthesizer entitled New Machine For Living!

Aaron ‘Lifuchs’ Fuchs and FLYING LOTUS have teamed up to create one of the wildest rides this side of Jupiter’s 12th moon.

There are more colours here than in a box of Lucky Charms and this clip is just as sugary sweet! FLYING LOTUS’ original score entitled Such A Square hears a world of crunchy fuzz analog synth tones, glitchy melodies and break beats which is perfectly complimented by Fuchs’s psychedelic animation. Jeez I’ve watched this thing like fifty times now. I just want more!

This wondrous psychedelic masterpiece inspired my to check out MOOGMUSIC.COM and oh my lord, I could literally spend hours on this site, I’m sold. Next stop is the Moog store.

Words by Joshua Daydream



Joshua’s being lies in the depths of his guitar, curious about the sounds of the galaxies, his tongue conjures consonants and vowels that are all too quickly carved into silver syllables and smokey silhouettes as his psychedelic fingertips resonate the sounds of golden afternoons. Music student / Sound freak / Effects pedal head / Poetic soul / Sonic mind / Online contributor and part-time writer.