WATCH: Dune Rats ‘Red Light Green Light’ (Official Video)


Danny Beusa and BC Michaels are two dudes from sunny Brisbane who have a band. That band is called DUNE RATS and they have been, “kicking shit for a couple of years now.”

DUNE RATS have a summery surfy sound and remind you of the summer days spent with friends just being idiots, but now the Brisbane pair, after releasing their first two EPs Sexy Beach and Atoms, have now released a new music video for their track ‘Red Light Green Light’, and it’s a doozy.

Now I’ve never met DUNE RATS, but their music video for ‘Red Light Green Light’ makes me think that these guys must be two of the funniest people I would ever meet. I now want to meet them. The video was filmed, edited and directed by Toby Cregan, and features the boys running around a Coney Island theme park. To film at the theme park, DUNE RATS and the very talented Cregan had to break into the park through the fence which you can see at the beginning of the video.

The boys then run amok through the abandoned theme park, punching dolls, licking fake zombies, and just running everywhere like two kids who have had way too much red cordial.

The end of the video also features a sneak peek at the documentary DUNE RATS will release later on in 2013. The documentary is titled American Death Trip Of Dreams and will include a variety of clips of DUNES RATS as they embark on their very first American Tour. There is no official release date for the documentary as of yet, but everyone who likes to watch a group of Aussies playing music and having fun in the United States would definitely want to see the documentary.

Words by Lauren Payne



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