WATCH: Crystal Castles ‘Sad Eyes’ (Official Video)

CRYSTAL CASTLES are known for being, well a little bit crazy. From singer Alice Glass performing gigs in a leg cast to synth man Ethan kath having his chest sliced up for an NME shoot, every body knows that crystal castle s are not your average electronic act.

This year the duo released their third album entitled ‘III’ that’s full of intricate yet depressing beats that get you hooked as soon as you press play, and now to accompany their single ‘Sad Eyes’ Crystal castles have brought you a music video that pushes many boundaries. Beginning with a shot of ‘III’ ‘s cover, ‘Sad Eyes’ fades in whist the cover shakes and soon is replaced with a picture of Crystal Castles busting out to a spectacular light show which, if you have seen them live before, you know blasts at every Crystal Castles show.

The video goes on to show the pair during various love shows whilst static fades in each shot like an old television. Alice Glass is shown by herself dining her new purple hair colour and looking slightly evil as if she will leap out from the screen and tear your face clean off. The video shows lots of colour and represents Crystal Castles perfectly as the band you love but are also slightly scared of.

Crystal Castles are currently touring the nation with Big Day Out and their sets have been spectacularly memorable. How do I know? On Brisbane Alice Glass sang whilst the crowd hoisted her above their heads, and the bands set stopped briefly after a crowd member threw a drink bottle at Kath’s equipment, and this was all just in Brisbane.

So everybody who has yet to see Big Day Out hit your town, see Crystal Castles and enjoy this awesome video.

Words by Lauren Payne



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