TOP FIVES: Midnight Juggernauts

Ahead of the MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS DJ set at CANT SAY this Friday (18th of January), we snatched up band member ANDY SZEKERES for his, and the band’s top fives in music.

Top 5 Albums

  • Randy Newman Sail Away
  • Magical Ring Light Flight More and More
  • Kourosh Yaghmaei Back from the Brink
  • George Harrison All things must Pass
  • Les Baxter Moog Rock

Top 5 Australian Artists

  • Kirin J Callinan
  • DCM
  • Erik Omen
  • Nile Delta
  • Forces

Top 5 Tracks You Have On Repeat Now

  • Spike ‘Magic Table’
  • SFV Acid ‘Library’
  • Kirin j Callinan ‘WIIW’
  • Exuma ‘Dambala’
  • Bob Chance ‘Jungle Talk’

Top 5 Gigs You’ve Been To

  • Roger Waters @ Coachella, Cali
  • Kirin J Callinan @ The Tote, Aus
  • Portishead @ Harvest Festival, Aus
  • Neil Young @ Alivefest, Portugal
  • Slayer @ Festival Hall, Aus

Top 5 Places To Go For A Night Out In The World

  • Martin Fella Vintage
  • Miller St
  • TNT’s
  • Hangtime
  • 581

Top 5 Songs To Lose Your Virginity To

  • Rolf Harris
  • Rolf Harris
  • Rolf Harris
  • Rolf Harris
  • Rolf Harris


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