REVIEW: Yo La Tengo ‘Fade’ LP


The press release proclaims that YO LA TENGO‘s latest LP is a tapestry of fine melody and elegant noise, rhythmic shadow play and shy-eyed orchestral beauty”. That goes a long way to describing the beauty of Fade.

Shades of IRON & WINE are present, and certainly fellow indie-rockers who fly under the radar enough to retain full indie cred BELLE & SEBASTIAN spring to mind. This album is surprisingly gentle and melodic in this age of dub-step and electro.

On Fade, YO LA TENGO worked with producer John McEntire, who’s curriculum vitae includes the likes of BRIGHT EYES. ‘Before We Run’ is the best example of the sweeping orchestral sounds promised. A sprawling fuzzy opus concluding with stirring trumpet, the album closer is grandiose and gallant in its sincerity.

‘Ohm’ opens the album with a euphoric dose of heavy-handed harmonies and a static guitar riff. An album highlight is ‘Cornelia and Jane’, sung by Georgia, and is a track that gets better with every listen. Everything here is effortlessly elegant, and Fade is ideal listening for those in favour of Nanna naps (or disco naps, as the case may be).

‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix’ it is a phrase that springs to mind with YO LA TENGO and their illustrious career.

Watch the official video for ‘Ohm’ below.

Fade is out now through Matador and Remote Control.

Words by Rebecca McCann



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