WATCH: Tiga ‘Plush’ (Official Video)

You try and sit still while TIGA‘s latest minimalist techno-house pulses in surround sound – I dare you. When the Montreal native’s sparse percussive beats underpinned by a sexy bass line knock you for six and you find yourself seat-dancing, just remember WE TOLD YOU SO.  

The single ‘Plush’ is accompanied with an equally understated video, which basically involves the man himself surrounded by a bunch of lean mean female machines in various states of pose.

Old friend Wikipedia claims TIGA was in part responsible for establishing the rave scene in his hometown in the early 90s. This is a huge feather to have in one’s proverbial cap, but listening to this elegant cut it is entirely believable. The accompanying image has a Molly Ringwald aesthetic, and indeed the sound of ‘Plush’ harks back to that crimpin’ decade, aka. the 80s.

Aside from a brief segue into what I can only presume is French, ‘Plush’ does a lot with not very much in the way of lyrical content. But it is infectious, clever in its simplicity and does its title justice.

The Mix LP Tiga Non Stop is out now, and available from iTunes.

Words by Rebecca McCann.



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