WATCH: Mitzi ‘Truly Alive’ (Rehearsal Session)

MITZI productions tend to feature original vocals and a retro disco feel interlaced with upbeat modern synth – easy enough to bop along to without slowing it down too much and getting too serious. From the Future Classics label, they have just released a teaser video performing the title track off their upcoming EP “Truly Alive”. 

‘Truly Alive’ kicks off with a strong bass line, filtered vocals and nostalgic dance beats creating a dance genre of their own. Mitzi spice it up with an edgy twist, a smooth break in the track gets into the groove of the piece and carries through to the dreamy Tame Impala-ish backing vocals. It’s definitely giving off the cool, confident vibe that seems to be emanating out of many new Brisbane bands.

The indulgent five-minute track captures the essence of youth and a certain je ne sais quoi. “Take me back to a time when I was truly alive/ when I was free from these kind of times.” The lustful bass over pronounced percussion builds into an pop/rock-ish chorus with enough filter on the vocals and a psychedelic tone to keep it indie.

If someone were to tell you this was a studio recording, it wouldn’t be too hard to believe -the unpolished rehearsal sound isn’t bad. The Brisbane foursome are on the edge of indie pop with a spacey sound that is quite accessible – just as much fun on a summer roadtrip as inside a club.

Dubbed “2013 artist to watch” across many a blog and “buzz group” by NME UK mag – it’s clear that there’s many a fan of that distinctive Mitzi sunny energy. ‘Truly Alive’ is a creative production and it will be interesting to see what else the group comes up with on their next EP early next year.

Mitzi are now finishing up their ‘Who Will Love You Now’ national tour- check out their FACEBOOK for details.

Friday – 7 December
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
w/World’s End Press Collarbones

Saturday – 8 December
Bakery Artrage Complex, Perth

Words by Antigone Anagnostellis.



Dubbed most likely to revitalise the hippy movement at the end of high school, Antigone is secretly working on a time warp back to 1969.