WATCH: Flying Lotus ‘Tiny Tortures’

Nothing is more dissatisfying than when a music video doesn’t mesh perfectly with its song, and alternatively, there is nothing more satisfying than when it does. In this case, FLYING LOTUS has got it spot on.

‘Tiny Tortures’, from his new album, Until The Quiet Comes, has an almost dream like feel about it, with understated percussion and dizzying layered sounds. The clip that accompanies it can be described as nothing less than unexpected, and frankly quite strange yet also perfect for the music it was created for.

The clip, directed by David Lewandowski with cinematograhy by Christian Sprenger, features Elijah Wood, in a more human and less Hobbit type of role. The clip portrays Wood as a dazed, depressive athlete who has lost an arm, and follows him through his vivid hallucinations, which involve objects floating in slow motion around him, eventually re-creating the limb he so obviously longs to have back.

With incredible colours and visuals, this clip gives full respect to Flying Lotus and his track, ‘Tiny Tortures’ – Check it out below.

 Words: Adriana Barro



Before I disappoint anyone, I don’t have a hobby and can’t do any weird party trick shit, but hey that’s still fine in my books.