Stone Roses Announce Future Music Sideshows

Well hello there Christmas, it seems as though you’ve come early for any STONE ROSES fan! How so? The Manchester four piece have announced three East Coast shows as an extension of their tour when they’ll be here next year for 2013’s Future Music Festival!

Releasing their self-titled record back in 1989 (which has Jackson Pollock inspired artwork by the band’s John Squire), the quartet have seen it marked as one of the greatest albums ever made. The ultimate praise was handed over by NME though, deeming it the best ever album ever in all of eternity ever. Now that is something!

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the Stone Roses, you’d know that their reformation was official in October of last year after their solemn split back in 1996.

Costing $3 million to get the gents over here, Australia will see the original lineup – Ian Brown, John Squire, Mani and Reni – doing their thang in early March of next year.

So if you want to see Ian Brown work those dance moves, get yourself a ticket! They are $95 a pop (plus the perpetually annoying booking fee) but hey, it’s Christmas, treat yo’self!

If you are planning on going, I wouldn’t waste any time come December 13th (the day they go on sale). Besides their obvious popularity, this is due to two things; 1. It has taken them over 17 years to visit us and 2. Their UK comeback show sold 150,000 tickets in just 14 minutes. If you’re some wise mathematician/have a lot of time on your hands, you’d calculate that the venues listed below do not hold such large capacities, therefore would take a lot less minutes before the dreaded “Allocation Exhausted” bastard shows up on your screen.

Get on it!


Friday, 1st March
Riverstage, Brisbane
Tickets at Ticketmaster

Wednesday, 6th March
Hordern Pavillion, Sydney
Tickets at Ticketek

Thursday, 7th March
Festival Hall, Melbourne
Tickets at Ticketmaster

Words by Hannah Galvin.



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