LISTEN: Sky Ferreira ‘Everything Is Embarassing’ (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix)

SKY FERREIRA is beautiful, great long wavy hair, and big eyes, this girl is worshipped over Tumblr and not only is she pretty, she is also a pretty talented musician, which is just another reason people love her.

With an electronic sound mixed with a pop bubble, SKY FERREIRA’s music sounds modern with a mid-ninties feel making her tracks almost sound nostalgic. Her voice is not too high, and not too low, creeping through her tracks with ease smoothly and just continually mixing well with her melodies.

Obviously with tracks this good, SKY FERREIRA was bound to catch the eye of a few musicians around the world, and fortunately the track ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ caught the eye of the Kiwi legend Ruban Nielson and his psychedelic band UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA. ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’  has a relaxed original mix, but UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA recently took the track and put their own flavor into it, to much success.

Choosing to open the track with SKY FERREIRA’s vocals and some soft distorted vocals echoing behind her, UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA have turned ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ into a more interesting track by adding in some more bass and electronic synths that compliment a faster drum beat. UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA’s remix wakes up ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ and shakes it around a little bit, giving it more life whilst also not making the track insanely crazy, so really they’ve reached a wonderful balance.

UNKOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA have their latest album out in early 2013 whilst, SKY FERRERIA is keeping herself busy with her modelling, songwriting, acting and playwriting. The busy woman has recently had her first extended play AS IF! released digitally so of course no matter where you turn, even to your Tumblr, you will be seeing more of miss SKY FERREIRA.

Words By Lauren Payne



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