Ivy League’s 15 Year Reign Of Terror Compilation

We love IVY LEAGUE. They’ve presented to us some pretty amazing bands and artists that we may have never even heard about if it weren’t for the label. The legends of Ivy League have been catering to our earbuds for a good decade and a half, so why not celebrate with a massive compilation album?

Featuring an array of tracks from the growing number of signings over the label’s 15 year life span, expect 25 different bands and artists on the album, titled League’s 15 Year Reign Of Terror, as they prove their holy worthiness on being signed to such an elite indie label.

The tracks were handpicked by the original Ivy League crew – Andy Cassell, Andy Kelly and Pete Lusty. The three began the strong label and have watched it flourish ever since. Considering Ivy League’s success, it’s pretty amazing to think that their only intentions were to release some decent, undiscovered music.

Completely free from profanity and bad taste, this compilation album can be enjoyed in your bedroom, at your hip little sister’s birthday party, on a romantic night with the boyfee and even over the PA system of your Nanna’s lawn bowl committee meeting.

Featuring songs from the different eras of Ivy League, check out the track listing below. Then go buy it from iTunes for just $9.99! Hells yeah.

1. Cloud Control – There’s Nothing In The Water We Can’t Fight
2. Youth Group – I Don’t Care
3. 78 Saab – Smile
4. The Vines – She Is Gone
5. Lanie Lane – To The Horses
6. Alpine – Villages
7. Deep Sea Arcade – Outlands
8. Red Riders – Ordinary
9. The Silents – Astral Child
10. Josh Pyke – New Years Song
11. Catcall – Swimming Pool
12. The City Lights – Everyone Out
13. The Rubens – Don’t Ever Want To Be Found
14. Cabins – Hounds
15. Wons Phreely – Tonight
16. Hoolahan – Starts Over Again
17. Toby Martin – Everything At The Same Time
18. Woe & Flutter – I Think I’m Fine
19. Sures – Poseidon
20. Bridezilla – Brown Paper Bag
21. The Mess Hall – Keep Walking
22. Monarchs – 2001
23. John Reed Club – Destroyer
24. Sparkadia – Morning Light
25. Neon – New Direction

Words by Hannah Galvin.



An avid fan of Sydney’s jazz and found sound scene, as well as eating peanut butter from the jar.