WATCH: Hot Chip ‘Don’t Deny Your Heart’ (Official Video)

Following their incredibly colourful and playful release ‘In Our Heads’, HOT CHIP have kept the vibe going with a pretty crazy video clip for their track ‘Don’t Deny Your Heart’. And it rivals Sophie Ellis Bexter’s ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ film clip as one of the strangest (and mesmerising) I’ve ever seen.

What starts off as fairly innocuous footage of the UK dudes playing FIFA in their tour bus, turns quite quickly as the film clip focuses in on a football field overtaken with testosterone fuelled unresolved sexual tension between the two teams.

Understandably, the members of HOT CHIP are put out by what’s happening on the screen, but this does not perturb these sexually frustrated virtual footballers as the commentators announce that we’re entering another dimension: ‘a dimension of dance’. So many questions.

As footballs inexplicably rain from the sky, as men once did, two footballers start sizing each other up, getting pretty intimate – and then – they kiss. Like fully on the mouth. With tongue and everything. Much to my enjoyment, the typically prudy and gruff English commentators are elated, crying out ‘Oh that’s a beautiful kiss!’

As more and more footballers start macking on, spectators run onto the field and a pile of kissing men forms in the middle of the field. Whilst some viewers might decry the awful graphics and ‘questionable’ gameplay, it’s still effing hilarious.

And as one of the commentators aptly says: “Well, we’ve been waiting years for this moment. This is what football’s all about!”


Words by Edmund Kirkwood