Flume Finds A Gold Record From Santa Under The Tree

From strength to strength to strength, the lad that has become the golden boy (pun intended) of the Australian music scene, the biggest cross over success since…I can’t remember when. Harley Streten a.k.a Flume has today given a clear message to the world: he refuses to slow down, announcing that his debut self titled album has gone gold!

From his remix of Hermitude’s ‘Hyperparadise’, to his Album out selling One Direction, to his European tour selling out a month in advance, to him signing on with Mom + Pop & Transgressive Records in North America/Europe, to todays gold record, the landmarks haven’t stopped for this young dude from Manly.

What could possibly come next? A #1 ranking in Triple J’s Hottest 100 maybe?

Words by Chevy Long