ARTISTS TO WATCH IN 2013: Chvrches

Up in Glasgow, Scotland, there’s a little band causing the music fans of the north to go crazy. They’ve taken over the blogosphere and their electronic beats are flowing through iTunes libraries like there’s no tomorrow.

This little band is of course, CHVRCHES. In July, it was said about the band, “We know Chvrches are two boys and a girl from Glasgow, and not much more…” These guys were just a few songs on the internet back then, but if you looked hard enough, you would find lead singer Lauren Mayberry‘s entry for the Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland Journalism Award.

The entry focused on the hygiene of body piercing and the darling girl won the prize back in 2010. You would also find the boys of the band, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty, playing synths for previous bands they’ve worked with, which sound quite awesome I must say.

But after all that research, all you really need to know about the Scottish trio is what their music sounds like. Their single ‘The Mother We Share’ was released back in November through National Anthem, and it was this track that caught the world’s attention. The track is poppy with an electronic twist that creates a slight mystical feel. The mystical mood is emphasised by Mayberry‘s high vocals that sound like a fairy’s. If you close your eyes, you can picture the petite songstress with glitter through her hair singing by the bottom of an oak tree, try it!

With only two tracks on YouTube mid-year, CHVRCHES were as small as any other small band, but these guys had a uniqueness about them that you cannot seem to find in most electronic acts. Their sound was loud, mysterious and whimsical, and that’s what drew the world’s attention to them. The trio played their debut gig at the Art School in Glasgow on July 5, and as soon as a video of CHVRCHES , shot by photographer Allan Roney, performing their single ‘Lies’  hit YouTube, the world suddenly turned their heads and was soon under the spell of the Scottish Trio.

CHVRCHES  have flown from their small coup since their tracks were posted on the worldwide video site. The electronic kids toured with PASSION PIT and CHAD VALLEY in November, playing to crowds across the UK who couldn’t help but love them. Not only that, CHVRCHES have also made the BBC Sound of 2013, which they happily announced on their Tumblr blog.

The BBC Sound Of 2013 is a list of the best new artists to watch in the new year, so it wasn’t surprising that CHVRCHES made the list, especially at number 5. So since the BBC, the most in demand media company in the world, think CHVRCHES are worth a listen, then you know they’re telling the truth.

CHVRCHES are in for a long new year, and so take a listen because no doubt you’ll be seeing them everywhere!

Words by Lauren Payne



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