The Sydney producer might be relatively novel to many keen ears, but GUERRE‘s success has been brewing for some time. The Darker My Love LP was released in 2011, and then a Remixes version followed. Both showed great promise beneath the atmospheric, moody beats and haunting vocals.

Standout tracks on Darker My Love: Remixes include SALTCREEK COYOTE‘s mix of ‘Millenium Blues’, and ‘Transnautica’ rigged by WINTERCOATS. Other names gaining enormous momentum on the scene who feature on the Remixes album include FISHING, COLLARBONES and THE TOWNHOUSES. Who’d a-thunk this tracklist would now read like a who’s-who in the electronica zoo?

2012 has seen GUERRE remix MATT CORBY, and collaborate with his contemporary and Melbourne producer OLIVER TANK. He performed at ASTRAL PEOPLE‘s OutsideIn Festival, and continues to produce at a rate that will keep us busy listening.

Like many top-shelf producers, his identity is somewhat low-key, but all you need to know about Jacob Ring, aka. GUERRE, can be found on his SoundCloud and Tumblr.

You can download Darker My Love for free via yes please. You can also purchase the sounds of GUERRE for peanuts at Bandcamp and feel warm and fuzzy about the good you’re doing our local scene. Thank us later.

Words by Rebecca McCann.



An aspiring hippie, I’m growing my hair long and washing it much less. I live off strong coffee, fresh city air, as much sunshine as my traumatised skin cells can take and excellent music.