WATCH: Violent Soho ‘Neighbour Neighbour’ (Official Video)

“If this music video was a girl we’d pork her for sure.” Well, it seems as though Danny and BC of Dune Rats are quite fond of VIOLENT SOHO‘s new single and clip ‘Neighbour Neighbour’. If you’re into really laid back music videos where bands are pretty much just doing whatever because it’s fun, then you should definitely check out this new clip.

Filmed through a lens sending off a hazy, 1970s-esque vibe, ‘Neighbour Neighbour’ documents a neighbourhood and a party with Violent Soho performing in the back of it all.

There’s skaters, weed, beer, a rooster and an above-ground swimming pool. The boys are out jamming in what appears to be a garage and in the thick of the very manly pool party at the end of the clip.

If you’re attentive to the lyrics, you’ll notice that things aren’t all that shabby. Having said that, it’s almost as if the contents of this clip are just a big “fuck you” to it all.

The track will be available worldwide on iTunes this Friday, 16th November. It will also be physically distributed via I OH YOU on a limited run of 7″ vinyl, with the band’s track ‘Tinderbox’.

Words by Hannah Galvin, check out her street on POSSE.COM



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