WATCH: Beach House ‘Wild’ (Official Video)

When you listen to BEACH HOUSE‘s Bloom, you experience a soundscape of dreams, breaths and fluffy nostalgia. However, as soon as you lay eyes on their brand new clip for their track, ‘Wild’, an entirely new perspective unfolds. This is Beach House, not as you know it.

The track itself is kind of told as a story, with the opening line being, “My mother said to me that I would get in trouble.”

If you continue to play close attention to the lyrics, you’ll soon realise that there’s a lot of depth behind what this duo are expressing. You may then also pick up on the fact that Beach House‘s instrumentation can be a bit deceiving, as the lyrics do not always encapsulate these dreamy, lovely moods that you expect to be coupled with such heavenly musicianship.

When describing the contents of the video, you expect a cliched picture of drugs, sex and violence.

Although, once you watch it, you tend to absorb the tension, animosity, lust, separation, anxiety and fear that these characters exhibit.

The tonal palette of this video is extremely cold as it documents the wild nature of humanity.

So yeah, there is sex, drugs and violence, but these typical aspects are carried out by destroyed souls in fucked up situations. We can thank the director – Johan Reneck – and the very believable characters for achieving such an unashamedly, high-quality piece of art.

As you may know, Beach House will be returning to Australia for the Falls Music and Arts Festival in both Lorne and Marion Bay, as well as Southbound in Western Australia.

During their visit, they’ll also be playing a few extra Australian gigs. They’ve only just announced the added Byron Bay show!


Friday 28th December – Tuesday, 1st January
Falls Music and Arts Festival (Lorne), Victoria
(Timetable to be released)

Saturday, 29th December – Tuesday 1st January
Falls Music and Arts Festival (Marion Bay), Tasmania
(Timetable to be released)
Tickets available on the Falls website

Thursday, 3rd January
Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Tickets available at Ticketek

Friday, 4th January – Saturday 5th January
Southbound Festival (Busselton) Western Australia
(Timetable to be released)
Tickets available on the Southbound website

Wednesday, 9th January
Forum Theatre, Melbourne
Tickets available at Ticketmaster

Friday, 11th January
Tivoli Theatre, Brisbane
Tickets available at Ticketek

Saturday, 12th January
Spunk Tones Festival at A&I Hall, Byron Bay (RECENTLY ANNOUNCED)
Tickets available at Oztix

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