Rdio Artist Program Update

RDIO‘s new streaming service has put a successful mark on the music industry in 2012, garnering support from some of Australia’s most prominent artists who love the support and opportunities the system provides. 

Praise is flooding in for the ‘Artist Program’ incentive that was introduced earlier in the year by the service; which makes use of social media, paying artists $10 for every new subscriber they bring to the site in addition to the royalties they already earn from subscribers listening to their work.

Chris Emerson, one half of Sydney dance duo What So Not along side Harley Streten aka Flume had this to say about whats on offer from the company

“Rdio is such an amazing concept, paying artists to share the music they love with their fans. And music lovers can follow their favorite artists & labels, see what they’re listening to right now, who they are following & playlists they’re created.”

DJ, producer and songwriter, Muscles also weighed in

“Every morning I check Rdio to see what the latest songs are released, and what my friends are listening to. I sync all the new albums and tunes to my smartphone, I’m always travelling whether I’m driving or waiting for my flight at the airport, most of my day is listening to music on Rdio. I’m obsessed.”

As a casual listener, music consumer and fan; RDIO is a great way to help support the artists you love by simply listening to their music through the service. Get your free trial now over at RDIO.COM

Words by Gabe Gleeson


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