INTERVIEW: Bored Nothing

BORED NOTHING has been receiving some healthy wraps from the good people at JJJ on the back of some delectable slices of shoe-gaze heaven posted to their Unearthed page. The Melbourne muso/multi-instrumentalist takes a moment for a Q n A.

What was the transition like from ‘bedroom project’ to live act?
The band consists of my two best friends and my little brother. None of them play in bands and I pretty much had to beg them to get on board with the whole idea but it’s been going great. I already had all the songs fully written so it was just a matter of jamming the shit out of them. We all had a pretty automatic live chemistry and we’re starting to loosen up our playing a bit now.

Your music making process is very D.I.Y. Is that a choice made out of a necessity, or is it a conscious aesthetic decision?
I always felt the idea of having to afford to make music is totally bogus. It’s pretty daunting when you’re starting out, people just assume you need heaps of cash for instruments and studios and stuff, but this is just what I’ve been doing since I was a kid you know? My parents have a computer, I’ll try making some drum beats on that. A kid down the street has an acoustic, I’ll write some folk songs. And it’s always been the same with recording for me. Over the last few years I’ve just been doing what I always do, I have a cool little four-track and I can tape over some Engelbert Humperdinck I got at the opp-shop, and I have a computer with some shitty audio software from 1996 that some kid gave me at school, so I can edit stuff together with that.

How did you find people to play the instruments live that you recorded yourself?
I’m not exactly a trained musician. I do my best to get the sounds I want out of the shit instruments I have borrowed from my friends and usually every element to a song ends up being really simple. I’ve never really played with bands a lot and the idea of ending up with a bunch of people that would take everything really seriously and want to know the names of the stupid chords I mash out was pretty lame. I’d rather play with my friends and have fun.

Has the sound of Bored Nothing changed since the introduction of new band members?
I don’t really think so. We haven’t had a chance to write anything together yet so unfortunately it’s still a bit of a musical dictatorship.

How would you describe your live sets?
Warm/gooey/loud/sweet. My recordings are pretty all over the place so when we play the vibe tends to change a lot from one minute to the next, but I think people see that as a good thing.

Who are some acts you have been listening to lately?
OCEAN PARTY have just put an album out which is catchy and magical so i’ve been on that a lot, and j. francis from brisi has been lulling me to sleep most nights this week.

Have you been working on more tracks? Any new release plans in the pipeline?
My album which is self-titled is out November 2, it’s got some new and old stuff and mostly good stuff.

Words by Tom Hutchins, Check out his street at POSSE.COM



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