WATCH + FREE DOWNLOAD: Naysayer and Gilsun ‘In Mind’ ft. Simon Lam

After what seems like an eternity our favourite dynamic duo; Australia’s very own team of audio/visual DJ wizards NAYSAYER AND GILSUN, have delivered what we have been hearing rumours of for months… A collaboration with SIMON LAM of ‘The scarily good and criminally overlooked’ Melbourne act I’LLS

This latest release couldn’t possibly be a more self re inventive offering from what the lads were putting out a few years ago and the clip is very much inline with the tripped out A/V show they’ve been touring around the country for the past 12 months. As die-hard fans of their old mixtape stuff we are pleased to report that this new single is a definite winner and vocal / filmed LAM‘s contribution to the track / video is splendid.

Featuring scenes from Gaspard Noé’s ‘Enter The Void’, this piece will make an excellent addition to the lads performances and we’re very much looking forward to witnessing them grace the Supernatural Amphitheatre at next year’s GOLDEN PLAINS FESTIVAL (full lineup details HERE)

Words by Gabe Gleeson, check out his street on POSSE.COM



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