LISTEN: The Magician ‘Magic Tape Twenty-Seven’

THE MAGICIAN just dropped the brand new Magic Tape Twenty-Seven. Oh what? did that come off too blas√©? Well don’t worry because this is very exciting news.

Since around about the beginning of this year THE MAGICIAN was dropping an epic 50 (or so) minute mixtape once a fortnight until the beginning of the northern hemisphere summer; where he completely halted the tapes dropping last one (Magic Tape Twenty-Four) on the 26th of June. But fortunately for us their summer ended and so the Magic Tapes are returning, for us to enjoy in the summer no less.

The one time Aeroplane member has been back at these tapes since September and it seems the summer has presented a bit of inspiration of the man. Gone are the pop sing-along disco-at-heart tunes to most definitely populated Magic Tape Twenty-Four and instead now we have the kind of deep house that it appears The Magician-less Aeroplane¬†appears to be indulging in lately. Which in itself is an interesting turn of events. However, this is The Magician so even if it isn’t as disco as previous releases it still is totally and completely something that is inescapable in his music.

Words by Luke Letourneau



Sydney kid contributing and interning at Purple Sneakers. I love singing along to music, but I rarely consider getting the words right or even close, I instead let my dancing interpret the music. Keenly interested in art, music and culture, great distractions from the nightmare of partaking in a creative arts uni degree.